Friday, June 19, 2009

Holy Mackerel!

Did you know that today is International Box Day? I had no clue! Why does no one tell me these things? :( Any who, despite my surprise at this sudden information, I for one, am never short of a box on hand, on paw for that matter. This is my most recent box escapade. It has great flavor! Nom nom nom!

I also wanted to send out a fuzzy thank you for all the new cats that left comments!


  1. Hey, Beezle...something in that box sure has your interest! We can see you like boxes almost as much as we do!

    See ya later!!

  2. Well, you did find a box! So sorry you didn't get the information in advance. Please visit each day for news and be sure to sign up with your daily blogs. I would also like to invite you to visit to meet all of our floofy friends.

  3. My bean knew about Box day, and did nothing! Honestly, it's a miracle he bothers to feed me somedays, although a claw up the nostril is a great attention-grabber!


  4. Got the same problem here as poor Freya above ^ I can't even get my apes to post for me grrr. Your apes seem much less inert than mine Beezle, do you have a spare room going?

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Umm, may want to consider a bigger box....

  6. Beezle, it appears you do know your way around a box (though a more generous size might be a bit easier to get into)... we are two himmie girls who think you are one totally awesome cat!
    Are you persian or himmie or what?
    We's gonna recommend you to the floof and fur
    club, you definitely should be part of it!