Monday, May 4, 2009

How my weekend went...

The vile couch monster had gotten a hold of one of my paws and was pulling me into the eternal black abyss! See how tenacious of a fighter I am battling my way out of the clutches of evil? ...then I took a nap.


  1. a hard day at home !
    I need coffee , cat nip, and 10 more min. of shut eye ....zzzzzz

  2. Huh... the one thing I WASN'T afraid of is that couch (unless the humans were using parts of it to throw at me). It never attacked me, but perhaps because I am as abysmally black as it is.
    We are cut from the same cloth as the night itself, and only my nose or ear reveals my tenebrous form if I chose to hide within it.
    Also, a Protip: when a human gets up from it, immediatly lay on the warm spot they left in their wake.